Document Checklist for New Mortgage Application

Identification Documents

  • Copy of Passport or Drivers License
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement

PAYE Applicants

  • Salary Certificates, available by email, completed by employer
  • 2021, 2020 & 2019 Employment Detail Summary’s
  • Pay slips, if paid monthly your last 3, if bi-weekly 6, if weekly 8

Self-Employed Applications

  • Last three years Certified Accounts
  • Last three years Chapter 4’s & Form 11’s
  • Confirmation from Accountant that tax affairs are up to date and Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Last 12 months Business Bank Account Statements

Other Relevant Documentation

  • 6 months current account statements to which wages are mandated, up to date
  • 6 month statements on any other accounts e.g. budget account, Revolut, N26, etc. all up to date
  • 12 months statements on all savings and loans, up to date
  • Most recent 12 month Mortgage Statement, if applicable
  • 6 recent Credit Card Statements, if applicable
  • Separation or Divorce Agreement, if applicable
  • Costing and Architect/Engineer details if application is a self build.
  • Solicitor details.
  • Valuation fee varies from lender to lender of between €150 -€185
  • Terms of Business & Data Privacy Statement signed by you

Please note all statements are to be in official format showing full name, address, account details, transactions, balances and to be dated no more than 3-4 weeks old at time of application.