Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection,  this type of policy is generally only taken out in conjunction with a Capital and Interest Mortgage. It is initially taken out for a specified term and amount. As the name suggests the amount of cover decreases in line with your mortgage balance. This is the most basic and usually the cheapest type of cover you can get.

Specified Serious Illness Cover

Specified serious illness cover pays a benefit on the diagnosis of one of a list of Specified Serious illnesses covered under the policy, the four main ones in Ireland being Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. This valuable benefit can also be taken out in the form of a decreasing policy, a level policy or a convertible policy as outlined above. Serious Illness can be taken out on it’s ow  or it can be added to a life policy.

Personal Life Cover

Personal Life Cover pays out a benefit in the event of the death of the life assured. It will normally be taken out to either cover debts or provide for dependents in unforeseen circumstances. It can be taken out on a Single Life Basis, Joint Life Basis or Dual Life Basis. A Single Life policy is where only one person is covered. Joint and Dual Life policies both offer cover on two people, the difference being that a Joint Life will only pay out once, usually on first death unless otherwise specified, whereas a Dual Life policy provides independent cover for each of the individuals so there is essentially double cover. The cost of Life Cover is based on your age, your smoker status and your health.

Income Protection

Income Protection is am insurance plan whereby you agree to make a monthly payment to an Insurance Company in return for a regular monthly income if you cannot work as a result of an illness or injury after a certain period of time. Benefits paid are less any State Benefits or other income protection plans. You can take out income protection if you are in full-time work or are self-employed and earn an income. It protects you only in these circumstances – it will not be paid if you become unemployed. The cost of the policy depends on your age, income, health, occupation and the benefits you choose. Payments on your plan are eligible for tax relief at your marginal rate of tax.

Home Insurance

In insuring your property you cover yourself against loss or damage due to events we hope may never happen, such as; fire, flood, storms, subsidence, escape of water or oil, burglary & attempted burglary. It is crucial to adequately cover your property in the event of any of these things happening so you are at no financial loss and you have peace of mind year on year.

We can arrange a policy to cover:

  • Your primary residence
  • Investment/rental properties
  • Holiday homes
  • Unoccupied/distress properties
  • Self build/course of construction

Cover & benefits included can be:

  • Buildings & contents cover
  • Buildings only
  • Contents only
  • Low excess levels
  • Accidental damage cover
  • All risks: specified/unspecified items
  • High value items
  • Public/personal liability cover
  • Rent & alternative accommodation cover
  • Frozen food cover
  • Fore brigade charges cover
  • Loss of keys/replacement locks
  • Home office cover
  • 24 Hour Home Assist Cover
  • Employers Liability Cover – Domestic Staff
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